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Tamami Iinuma >>>> Interview
Ryota Kikuchi >>>> Interview
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Curated : Kohei Oyama

"THE EXPOSED is a collaborative project of Shigeo Goto + G/P gallery started in 2006, which is aimed to be a showcase of the young photographers exploring the alternative possibility of photography. In 2014, We are delighted to announce the restart of this project with it’s seventh exhibition entitled THE EXPOSED #7 at G/P gallery + g3/ gallery in art complex TOLOT in Shinonome. Confronting such a turning point for contemporary photography, THE EXPOSED #7, The group exhibition of six young photographers will be guest-curated by Kohei Oyama, the founder of parapera, a publisher and a curator who has committed in supporting the young photographers through his activities."

Introduction today, we have six young photographers who are attempting to push the boundaries of photography fields.

Iinuma, who has strong interest in books, assimilate techniques of Japanese traditional poetry, such as how ‘kigo’ or ‘ingo’ are used under a specific rule, as metaphor for his editing process.
Takizawa works with rock which accomplish much longer history than we human as a theme. Furthermore, he combines various techniques such as exhibiting print works as sculpture or using digital composition to approach to viewer’s sense of sight.
Kikuchi tries to cast aside our complex about objects that surround us, and presents new cognition about those objects by interposing himself to public objects in the city or outer city like climbing onto street lamps based on his free climbing experience.
Chiba pursues distinctive texture of digital expression by using Photoshop with landscape of livelihood sphere as his theme.
Sato focuses on unique landscapes or special phenomena all over the world as he is interested in radical nature of human’s visual perception and paranormal phenomenon.
Cobayashi puts himself in a shared house and documents coeval friends, lovers and himself by taking snapshots and image captures.

We could see multiple points of views from each of their works that pursue consecutive theme while using various techniques such as editing, performing, recording, researching and interposition. The variety of their expressions show differences between their direction of interest, and give viewers an opportunity to have a cross-cutting perspective with several connection between concept of language, urban, human body, digital and communication from this exhibition.
It is a presentation of equivocality and possibility of underlying aspects which photography has as visual medium, also exposing actuality that surrounds us, or complicated context of the world in image. That is the main aim of this exhibition.

Kohei Oyama

2014.1.11 sat. -2.28 fri.
Opening Party: 2014.1.11 sat. 18:00-21:00
11:00 -19:00 Sunday and Monday Closed

G/P+g3/ gallery
TOLOT 2F,135-0062